【Summary】Fool Night vol.1


単行本『フールナイト第1巻The earth in the distant future, covered with thick clouds and no longer shining.A world where plants have died and oxygen has become thin.

However, human beings have survived by developing technology to turn humans into plants and producing a small amount of oxygen.Whether to live as a person in an uncertain world, or to abandon suffering and start a new life as a plant.

People are forced to make choices

Fool Night vol.1/フールナイト1巻





The world of the distant future, covered with clouds and no longer shining. Oxygen is also thinned because plants cannot photosynthesize, and humans develop flowering technology that transforms humans into plants. After receiving the flower change treatment, it becomes a plant in two years and receives 10 million yen as support money from the country.

The story of Toshiro, the main character who can hear the words of the human being who became a plant, Reika, and gets a job of searching for Reika. In a society where disparities and despair are highlighted, no one has the hope of living.

It’s too hard to live in a world of widespread disparity and despair, but when you receive the Infestation, you end up dying in an unbearable appearance. Living and dying are hell.

In the first volume of the Foolnight book, Toshiro has undergone a flower change operation and can hear the voice of plants.